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  • Location: 22890 Mt. Holly Lane, Columbia, CA 95310


By Marlys Bell

This seminar focuses on water saving strategies for current, as well as planned, landscapes and gardens. In addition to plant selection and placement, it explores strategies for reduction of plant’s water needs. And provides lists of extremely drought plants and other landscaping alternatives

?  Concerned that your current landscape may not survive water shortages?

?  Wonder what changes would make your landscape more viable and drought resistant?

?  Considering giving up your lawn and/or edible gardens-annuals and perennials?

?   Planning new landscaping but not sure what to do given current conditions?

Participants will be helped in assessing and prioritizing their outdoor water needs compared to the likely water availability to determine areas needing immediate versus longer term decisions. Alternatives for lawns and other water-hungry plants will be explored including the use of permeable hardscapes and plants that are more drought tolerant, grouped in ways that use less water.

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Address: 22890 Mt. Holly Lane, Columbia, CA 95310