With our busy lives of changing times, you are welcome to stop by and enjoy the
Peaceful sound and sights of our Country Pantry Kitchen Setting .
MommaPeggs is a one stop food venue for memories “Food Days Gone By” with Farm fresh tastes of country living .
Featuring my 40 years of Restaurant knowledge and experience, I have never been happier than now to offer the basics of Ole Pantry Style Cooking.

Please come and enjoy a taste of our sweet or savory pastries . Let us help you plan your next Event .

We are open year round , open Monday thru Friday with SUMMERTIME SATURDAY.

Food deli venue.  Sandwiches.  Make my own pastry and bread.  Grow produce in summer.  Emphasize local products.  Available for weddings.

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Address: 14450 Jacksonville Road, Jamestown, CA 95327