The 49er RV Ranch began as a dairy ranch providing dairy products for the Gold Rush participants.

In 1852, wagon trains were arriving in such numbers that space became unavailable to camp.

This ranch, then known as the Columbia Springs Dairy Ranch, began offering camping on their property in exchange for the worn out cattle the miners had driven from as far as the East Coast. To the miners the cattle appeared worthless; however the owners of the dairy recognized value in them. The animals were quickly processed for their hides and tallow.

The ranch gained a reputation for providing welcoming “Old Ranch Hospitality”. Today the ranch name has been changed to the 49er RV Ranch in recognition that gold rush wagons are today’s RV.

The Meissner family has retained the historical ambiance and “Old Ranch Hospitality” of the 49er RV Ranch for the modern RV. for more than 40 years.

The staff at 49er RV Ranch recognizes that Tuolumne County truly has “Twice As Much To See And Do Than You Have Time For.”

The Ranch offers self-guided tours of Gold Rush ranch memorabilia.

We invite you to view the PBS video: Huell Howser visits the 49er Ranch on “California Gold” on our website @



Address: 23223 Italian Bar Road, Columbia, CA 95310