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I am Justin Dambacher,  owner and operator of Dambacher Family Farms and Green Works LLC.
WE are running a special price for compost this spring and need to get the word out that locally produced compost is now available. Green Works LLC has been opened for 3 years and has a pipeline full of compost and will be able to produce thousands of yards per year of clean compost with no animal inputs.  The compost is as close to how nature makes it as we can get.   The PH is 7 and we are using it at  Dambacher Family Farms  with amazing results. We want to invite anyone to come see the results we are having on our own farm located at  18629 Eagle Ridge Road, Sonora CA 95370 .
 At first the price for the compost will be low, but as with any business the price will slowly creep up as demand increases.  We want to offer all Farms of Tuolumne County members the lowest possible price and will lock in the 50% discount for the whole year of 2019.  That means you can get amazing compost for $32.50 per yard.   We can even deliver for a reasonable rate.
Lock in your orders as soon as you can so we know when you want it.  First come first serve so if you want it early spring lock your orders now.
The results speak for themselves, come see our farm and see our secret ingredient.   Having access to large amounts of compost is one of the key components of our success.  We want all the local farms to have the same access to clean, local compost that is over 1 year old (nearly 2 years old) and has been screened.   It takes time to build great soil, but this compost is what we have been using and now you can all have access to the same product at a discount price.
The sale price for FOTC members will extend all the way through 2019 but spring will be a rush, so lock your orders now in  order to get earliest delivery dates available.
I have test results to show level of all elements in this compost.
Our facebook page is :   @sonoragreenworks1
You can reach Justin at Jdambacher@mac.com or call him at 209-559-3946 to talk about the product.