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Thanks to all who attended and participated in the 9th Annual Farms of Tuolumne County Farm and RAnch Tour held June 11, 2016.  The Host Tour Locations did a tremendous job in welcoming guests – who loved it.  As in the past, Host Tour Locations enjoyed it too. Here is a note the FOTC Board of Directors received from Suzanne Cruz of Ponsanorosa Vineyard:

…it was A LOT  of work  but so worth it for the community!  I did some small things like put out a checker board table and made some coloring books and put out a fresh box of crayons. As I walked around filling up lemonade containers and crackers dishes I would look over and see families coloring, playing checkers or just sitting and listening to the music.   The horses were a hit, they have never been petted so much! In the Ponsanorosa Vineyard brochure I gave credit to all the local businesses that I bought supplies from in order to promote their businesses as well, you know that is what community does to help each other out. It took me back  to the times that Norman Rockwell captured in his paintings an America we remember.

 One day as Dick and I were exhausted and covered with dirt we looked at each other and said, who signed us up for this anyway? Honestly I cannot remember how this journey started but I am so glad we did, what a wonderful day one we will always remember!  Thanks for all your work and efforts and support!