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GRANTS:  Regarding the FOTC Grant Awards: The Board visited the Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Center Garden on Tuesday and were treated to a n excellent presentation by two of the students. The students created their garden with the help of JoLynn Miller (4-H Youth Development Advisor) and Rebecca Miller-Cripps (4-H Project Leader as well as Master Gardener).

FFA Ambassadors presented at the Monday meeting and did their usual excellent job.

The Board was impressed by both of  the projects so decided to fund  them both.

It is important to note also that with the exception of Terri Arrington’s donation (thank you, Terri) all FOTC  funding comes from our annual Farm and Ranch Tour (2019 Tour is June 8 in Jamestown area).
WEIGH-IN:    October 20, 2018 FOTC had its second Pumpkin and Zucchini Weigh-In a Hurst Ranch (thank you Leslie, Joe and Tom).  There were more and bigger entries this year. The largest pumpkin was 466.2 (prize $100) entered by Jesse King and largest zucchini was 11.32 (prize $50) entered by Maren Paris.  Those entering the Weigh-In ranged in age from 3 years to 73 years.  FFA Ambassadors sold breakfast burritos, hot chocolate and coffee.
FOTC thanks the participants as well as the volunteers, and especially FOTC President Mary Ulvevadet for all her enthusiasm
in creating this great event!
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: FOTC is in membership drive mode.  We are working on the new Farm & Ranch Guide and want to include any new members in it for 2019.  Please think about who might be a candidate for membership and contact us at info@tcfarms.org or call 29-928-3775. Producers still only pay $50 per year, Corp Sponsors $200, Restaurants serving locally grown $100, Associate members $20.
FOTC honors Agriculture. Thank you for your membership and continued support.