Farms of Tuolumne County

Farms of Tuolumne County (FOTC) is a countywide marketing and education program to assist local agricultural producers to market their products. The goal is to bring farmers, ranchers and community members together for the support and growth of agriculture, agri-tourism, and preservation of open space in Tuolumne County. The following are  objectives of the Farms of Tuolumne County program:
  • Develop expanded demand for locally grown and processed foods and for other locally grown products.
  • Create and promote a sustainable local food system.
  • Enhance and increase economic development and stability in Tuolumne County.
  • Expand agritourism in the County.
  • Create awareness of the value and diversity of the County's agriculture and its agricultural heritage.
Farms of Tuolumne County is a nonprofit, membership organization.