Farms of Tuolumne County

Farms of Tuolumne County (FOTC) is a non-profit (501(c)5) whose goal is to promote local agriculture through marketing and education.  FOTC strives to bring farmers, ranchers, community organizations and residents together for the support and growth of agriculture, agri-tourism, and preservation of open space in Tuolumne County.

The following are  objectives of Farms of Tuolumne County:

  • Develop expanded demand for locally grown and processed foods and for other locally grown products.
  • Create and promote a sustainable local food system.
  • Enhance and increase economic development and stability in Tuolumne County.
  • Expand agritourism in the County.
  • Create awareness of the value and diversity of the County’s agriculture and its agricultural heritage.
  • Promote agriculture through FOTC Grant Program. $17,109 scholarships/grants have been awarded since 2011!

Farms of Tuolumne County is a nonprofit, membership organization.


More of Who We are and What We Do

Farms of Tuolumne County (FOTC) is a membership based non-profit that promotes local agriculture and its heritage in Tuolumne County through the following:

  • Creates and maintains printed Farm and Ranch Guide with map listing  FOTC members. (NOTE: Remember to call first before going out to a ranch or farm, as hours and days can change.)
  • FOTC maintains its website to  promote farms and ranches in Tuolumne County
  • Expands and develops marketing opportunities for farmers and ranchers by establishing direct connections with community members, grocers, restaurants, and other retail outlets
  • Provides logo, banners, stickers, and other marketing tools to identify Farms of Tuolumne County producers
  • Serves as a resource for community members interested in buying local food
  • Promotes and expands agritourism which includes the FOTC Farm and Ranch Tour which funds FOTC Grant Porram
  • Promotes agriculture at fairs and community events
  • Provides informational materials for community members and the media
  • Advocates for agriculture when appropriate at County meetings
  • Helps educate consumers on benefits of buying local
  • Educates through sponsored seminars on various topics of interest that enhance agriculture in Tuolumne County
  • Annual levels of membership: Producers $50; Corporate Sponsors $200; Restaurants Serving Locally Grown $100; Associate Members $20

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