• Time: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm
  • Date: May 13, 2023
  • Cost: free
  • Day of Event: free
  • Location: Hotel Ledger, 8304 Main St, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245-9776 Phone+1 209 286 1401 AND Veterans Hall, 8283 Main St Mokelumne Hill CA 95245

Help us promote local farmers! This festival is for local farmers benefit.  All the other stuff is just hoopla but it’s good hoopla.

The auditorium at the hotel Ledger for speakers and formal music has been provided for us by Deborah Justice (the hotel event director) at no cost. Veterans Hall for booths and the park for the petting zoo, blues band and free food concessions.  That’s right, free!  Hot dogs, popcorn and a variety of cookies and pastries provided by early bird farms.

We are vulnerable to supply shortages.  If we supported our local farmers they would be able to be a larger part of our supply, and that would reduce vulnerability to say, a trucker’s strike or a new law…

The emphasis is on community for this festival and there are many activities for children.  We have speakers on topics like permaculture and community, vitality in relationships and even the vulnerability of financial systems.  It will be a great day with music shows in the auditorium as well as bands in the park.

Jubilee Of Freedom

Per Gordon Rowland:

A Jubilee is different from a festival.  A Jubilee is a suspension of usual commerce that took place every 50 years in Israel.  All taxes and debts were canceled and slaves or indentured servants were released from service.  A Jubilee is a reset to empower the people and I think we’re due for one in America, but not the world economic forum style reset.

I’ve made arrangements for the town of Mokelumne Hill with its buildings and parks to be ours to use.  Rents and insurance are paid so the Jubilee is free for all.  There is no charge for popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs or food items provided by early bird farms, entertainment is also free but of the highest quality.

Sign up for a booth while they last.  Farm produce, health practitioners products and locally made goods can be sold at your booth.  This is a community rather than a commercial day.

Local business will be conducted as usual so you can visit the toy store with your child, or the renegade winery or coffee shop all on main street.  Prospect Arts offers free activities for children during the Jubilee, and is also a local source for children’s art.

I’m here to facilitate, if you need anything for your presentations, need a booth or have any questions don’t hesitate to call.


415 297 3542

A Community Festival




Natural medicine 

Practitioners, herbalists poultry farmers etc.


Kyle [email protected] BANKING & FINANCIAL

Drew Sperone VITALITY IN RELATIONSHIPS  www.earlybirdnc.com 530 913 8461


President of Farmers of Amador


(Bands in the park)

Tiel Wheels Ted Sopher [email protected]

Clan Dyken

(In the Hotel auditorium)

Mountain Melody Choir (Julie Shelby 209 419 0028)

Juggler & slight of hand Magician Cody Ebert Show 

Cody Ebert [email protected]


Drum Circle

Free hotdogs (Vegetarian & beef) & popcorn & cookies

Magic show

Petting zoo and storytelling

Acoustic Music and speakers 

Band in the park


Art show

Book table

Address: Hotel Ledger, 8304 Main St, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245-9776 Phone+1 209 286 1401 AND Veterans Hall, 8283 Main St Mokelumne Hill CA 95245