Family Ranch Raised Beef

Owners: Lettie and Randy Beeman

Our beef is grass fed or grain fed. We offer both! Animals are raised naturally. Beef is available year around, available as halves, quarters, variety boxes or individual cuts.

Our cattle are born and raised in the heart of the Mother Lode and graze on the foothill pastures. They receive no hormones and are not fed any antibiotics.

The animals are harvested at an USDA facility. The beef is dry aged a minimum of 14 days to enhance the flavor and tenderness – a practice that has gone by the wayside in the industry. The steaks are hand cut and packaged. The roasts are 3 to 4 pounds with one per package. Ground beef, stir fry, Carne Asada and stew meat are packaged in 1 pound packages. The meat is vacuum sealed and frozen. It will store well.

We take pride in raising healthy, nutritious beef that we can offer you.

  • Grown in the Mother Lode
  • Fed no antibiotics
  • No added hormones
  • Family ranch raised
  • Dry-aged
Address: 17151 Nelson Road, Jamestown, CA 95327