Kistler Ranch is family owned and operated. The ranch is managed by Steve Kistler, Jeannie Kistler, and Marcus Kistler. There are two ranches, one in Oakdale, CA where cattle graze on irrigated pasture during the summer months and the other located in Jamestown, CA off Hwy 108/120 where the cattle spend winter through spring to become ready for harvest.

Marcus KistlerĀ (209)-499-0715, [email protected]

The Kistler family has been in the cattle business since 1944 and take pride in raising the best possible product for consumers looking for natural, home grown beef.

  • Our beef is grass fed and grass finished from our pastures to your plate
  • our cattle graze open pastures on two ranches. One located north of Oakdale, CA and the other right off of hwy 120/108 Jamestown, CA
  • Raised naturally using no growth hormones or antibiotics
  • USDA Inspected
  • Whole beef orders can be taken at any time with a $250.00 deposit due April 1st
  • Your depsoit transfers ownership of the animal to you and K Arrow ranch acts as agent in the finishing, harvesting, and processing
  • Beef is available May – September and orders can be taken any time.

Please refer to website for pricing.

Address: hwy 108 and hwy120, Jamestown, CA