Homegrown handcrafted skin care for the whole family. We grow most of the plants that are infused and used in the creams, lotions, salves, balms, scrubs, ointments we create. We are expanding our garden yearly to include California Native and medicinal plants.

We are partners with Monarch Joint Ventures, and strive to educate our community about creating habitat for the monarch butterfly and other pollinators.

Educational materials about monarch butterflies and other pollinators. Free consultations, free local deliveries of our products. Special product orders welcome.
Take Flight Day Cream, Metamorphosis Night Cream, Summer Harvest Eye/Face Serum, Variety of Deodorants, Butterfly Kisses Lip Balm, Massage Oil, Men’s Beard Oil and Balm, Lotion Bar, Personal Spritzers and Roll-ons, Shoo! Insect Repellent, After-Bite Relief, Mineral Sunscreens (pump, roll-on, tin) Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm Floral Body Polish (sugar/salt scrubs), Gardener’s Hand Salve, Sole Saver Foot Balm, Soothing Relief Irritated Skin Cream, Shampoo Bar, Hand Sanitizer, Seasonal Gift Sets and new products.

Monarch Essentials, LLC is dedicated to bring trustworthy organic skin care into our community, free of parabens and numerous other harmful chemicals


We want to engage the community in growing milkweed and other pollinator plants to encourage the monarch butterflies, and other pollinators to flourish.
We would like to use our platform for education and to provide everyday skin care that is effective and beneficial.

Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00 am-5:00pm daily except Holidays/vacation

Address: 22085 Crystal Falls Dr Sonora, California 95370