Owner: Glinda Wolverton
Hours: call for appointment

Yes, I am one of seven sisters! Our farm is located just outside of Columbia, managed by me, Glinda Wolverton, with help from my husband Brian and daughter Tessa.

Soaps are available at the  Seven Sisters Soap and Candle Company, or at the farm by appointment.

We raise dairy goats – Alpine and Nubian – with a few meat goat crosses. In addition, we raise organic meat chickens  a few times a year, sold by reservation. We have eggs from free range chickens, and have honey bees. The goat milk is used to make handcrafted soaps, lotions and Boo Boo Balm. Goats are available for purchase and eggs and milk are available by arrangement.

I belong to Sierra Foothill Beekeepers and have honey bees with a observation hive in the works for my shop Seven Sisters Soap and Candle Co in Columbia State Park. I will have honey for sale at my farm or in the shop and beeswax in the store.

Wolverton -chicks

Arrival of our cornish rock chicks

Address: 12279 Sugar Plum Lane Columbia 95310