We are a small Ranch in Columbia with a vision for the future of agriculture.  We know and believe that healthy affordable food can be produced using ethical, sustainable farming practices. We work hard to ensure that the environmental impacts of our business are minimal, and we encourage biodiversity from the soil through the livestock.  Our plants grow big and happy. Our animals run and play in open pastures. We work to encourage biodiversity as we grow our business. We make sure that the wildlife, the people who work the land, and the livestock we raise are all at home here.

We produce Artisan Berkshire Pork, Raw Natural Honey and Heirloom Seeds.

We are still growing and are limited in our production capacity. Still we have more orders than we can fill and are blown away by the support that people in the community have given us and the encouragement that we receive from people who share our vision for the future of agriculture.

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 6AM-6PM

Address: 12252 Yankee HIll Road, Columbia, CA 95310