P.O. Box 933, Groveland, CA 95321

Matthew Nolte

Hours: Call for appointment

Wondernut farm raises heritage pigs on oak woodland pasture. Slowly grown, fed non-GMO whole grains and pulses, lacto-fermented in whey from our home cheesemaking, non-sprayed grass hay, and alfalfa, and supplemented by management intensive rotationally grazed pasture, and never fed antibiotics or hormones, we believe our pork is exceptionally flavorful, nutritious, well-marbled, and responsibly raised. Our pigs are born and raised in family groups on the farm, and slaughtered and processed at a USDA facility.

Additionally, we raise mixed breed dairy goats and East Friesian dairy sheep naturally on our carefully managed pastures, rotated 200+ times per year for maximum soil and animal health.

Pork is available seasonally as half and whole animals, and year round on site as primal or retail cuts. Restaurant deliveries available. Additionally, meat can be found in restaurants in Tuolumne and Mariposa County. Lambs and goats are available for sale for home dairy production and grass fed/finished meat animals are available in summer.