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Here are some tips from a champion grower, Carla Suehowicz, who has donated seeds for FOTC to distribute this year.
“I germinated one of those seeds.  The plant looks good.  Not all seeds germinate depending on what method  the grower
does at the start.  I have 6 plants in one patch and 2 in Bill’s garden.  I will probably pull a couple in my patch.  To get a really big one each plant should have at least 700 sq ft. Preferably 900 sq. Ft.
The grower should file the sides of the seed gently a little bit to get it to germinate faster.  Soak the seeds in a cup of water with a tiny bit of liquid kelp for 2 hrs.  After that plant the seed in 5-6 inch peat pot and put on a growers heating mat. Once it pops through the dirt put it under a grow light at least 12-14 hrs.  Once the first true leaf is out it can be planted outside out of the peat pot.
When transplanting make sure you place it in the hole in the direction you want it to go opposite the first true leaf. Be careful getting it out of the pot so you don’t destroy roots. This year my dirt fell apart and I am praying for the best.  I am shading them with shade cloth under little huts. I think most will make it.
The seeds I gave you came from beautiful pumpkins and I hope they grow big and beautiful for someone else.”
You can find more growing tips at pumpkin growing instructions-04052017191508
and at bigpumpkins.com.
Note: we also received winning seeds from Jesse King.