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Giving Tuesday

Dave is the caretaker of the third feral colony we are working with. His neighbor had her house damaged last year so she moved out leaving a colony of feral cats. They soon moved over to Dave’s house turning into his problem. Starting with about 15 cats those moms quickly started having litters. When we heard from him, he had many, many more now.

Working with us he started trapping and bringing them in for spaying every week to a local vet. Now we still have 30 cats more to go before we have spayed every last cat in this colony. We are out of funds to get this job done. We are asking for $3,000, $100 per cat, so we don’t have to start all over next year.

Already, Dave and all his feral cats are feeling how freeing it is to get them spayed and neutered and stopping the endless litters of kittens.

Please help us finish the job and not leave it half done.

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