Al’s Bonsai/Al Judnich Gardening

Albert provides bonsai and gifts for the collector, expert garden care and beautifully mounted delightful viewing stones; in some places kno..

Ban Garda Boers

BAN GARDA BOERS Kathryn Jackson & Mary Ulvevadet We specialize in dappled, spotted, paint and black Boer goats. Our goats are very socia..

Bear Tent Brewery

We are a small scale brewery focused on creating quality beers. Our beer can be found at local restaurants and bars in Tuolumne County.  W..

Beeman Ranch

Our beef is grass fed or grain fed. We offer both! Animals are raised naturally. Beef is available year around, available as halves, quarter..

Blue Oak Farm

We offer a wide diversity of high quality heirloom fruits and vegetables, poultry and meat. Products are available at local farmers markets,..

Bramble Hill Farm

Owners: Rick and Mary Ulvevadet Hours: 10 – 4 We are open Thursday through Monday starting the day after Thanksgiving, until sold out...

Brooklyn Heights West Orchards

We are a non-profit grower and contribute to the community by feeding the homeless and the elderly. ..

Cover’s Apple Ranch

Cover’s Apple Ranch is your destination for family fun and great food. Take a ride on the miniature train through tunnels and around t..

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

Our family began range-growing turkeys in 1949 on our ranch nestled in the Sierra Foothills. At Thanksgiving we sold our turkeys to the loca..

Flowers Ranches

Owners: Pamela and Richmond Flowers We produce organic eggs, and grass fed beef from Irish Dexters.  We also breed /produce performance hor..

Gaiser Cattle

Beef is grass fed - raised naturally, not given hormones or fed antibiotics. Gaiser Cattle is and has been a family operation since its ince..

Gianelli Vineyards

Please call our tasting room to place your wine order. ORDERS: 209.984.1500 We are very excited to announce the opening of our  new Tasting..